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Prepare for success! How will be the process like?

We are a consultancy firm; this means that it is our job to find the perfect match between your professional goals and the brand new projects we can offer you. It will be a three party process: us, the consultancy firm;  you, and our client, where you will join if the process turns up fruitful.

Maybe we contacted you first and told you about a vacancy that shall be of your interest, maybe you applied to our job posting, or a colleague referred you we were looking for someone just like you!

Either case, the first step will always be to register in our data base, and upload your resume. This way, we can be sure to be in compliance with RGPD requirements, and also with our quality standards for information storage, process tracking and candidate communication.

The second step will likely be a short telephone conversation. This first contact will help both of us to be more accurate about what this new project can offer you, what will be demanded, and if this scenario fits with your expectations about your next move in your career.  Now it is time to decide if there is a potential match, and we both are interested in moving forward and have a meeting.

So, the third step in the process will be an in-depth conversation. We recruit worldwide, and all our interviews are held remotely. We will address a suitable time for this meeting, that usually take longer than one hour – so we are plenty of time to have a proper conversation! Thus, it is key that you can be relaxed, plenty of time ahead, and in a comfortable spot that grants confidentiality. This is why we have an extended schedule for this meetings, either early hours in the morning to late afternoon.


How to prepare for this meeting?

We will discuss about the role, the scope, the challenges… and also about what are your expectations for your next move.

We will assess your candidacy through a competency based model, using a critical incident technique. This means we will build the ideal candidate profile around competences, which are a blend of knowledge, technical abilities, and willingness.  You will be asked to report some stories about your former working experience, regarding some key situations related to a competence. It is advisable to prepare in advance with some representative situations in your past performance, as well as all data you can remember. It will be so helpful in order to assess your candidacy accurately.

At the end of this meeting, and if we both agree there is a match, we will inform about the client’s name. As this is a two-end decision, we will wait for your approval to move forward in the process. So after you can do your assessment about the client’s company, and if it suits your expectations, we will proceed to send them a fully detailed dossier about your expectations and abilities.

You will have a direct line with us trough out all the process, either by mail or phone. This process is delicate, and there will come second thoughts and A LOT! of questions. We are here to help you and support you all the way long.

When the client considers there is a match, there are usually two more interviews: the first one uses to be held by the Company’s Human Resources officer, and it is commonly aimed to assess cultural fit; and a last meeting with the Hiring Manager, where technical abilities will be assessed in depth.

toa-heftiba-644511-unsplash.jpgIf successful, congratulations! The client will make an offer, and the negotiation will be held between the two of you. Anyways, if it reaches an impasse, we can help as mediators.

What happens if there is not an immediate match?

It can happen in any point of the procedure: maybe you find out the position will not meet your expectations for your next step in your career, or we find there is not a fulfilling match with the role’s requirements. Or, sometimes, it is just that there is another candidate that is more suitable, and they get the offer.

In either way, we will love to keep in contact with you. We will ask for your permission to keep your data and contact you again in case another vacancy of your interest should arise.

We will be glad to support you through your journey to a brand new, exciting project.