Bespoken Business Solutions


Talent acquisition and development is key for a successful business. With an unique welding of leading edge technology and the exquisite care of a crafter, I can deliver solutions aligned with client’s values and strategy. This is how I can help you:


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I will support you recruiting the best talent for your most demanding projects: we provide highly specialised recruitment services within our areas of expertise: International trade, STEM professionals, Industrial Engineers, International HR and Translators. We offer recruitment services across the globe.

Our differentiating value is excellence in  client’s and candidates’ experience: you can surely rely in having a direct communication line and widespread availability. No more after COB time issues! Furthermore, we are 100% digital: flexible, omnichannel and quick to deliver.


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Strategic consultancy for optimising the talent acquisition procedure in company. Delivering a customised optimising protocol , automatised management via Applicant Tracking System, as well as bespoke training in employer branding, effective communication techniques and behavioural- evidence based assessment skills, to improve effectiveness and efficiency attracting and acquiring the best talent for your business. We can also up your game in talent development: we can work on your talent maps, get hands on performance appraisals management, and improve your internal communication.

Always with a bespoken approach, working side by side . It is about building together, and learning all the way trough.


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