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5ce0ba12-a282-4d8b-b5e6-6399c7f796e3b.jpgB.S. in Psychology, and Master Degree in Human Resources Management, I devoted my carreer to talent acquisition and development. Fond of Digital Transformation, and deeply believer that automation makes possible to focus on the most human part in all processes: personal care for people.

Following a methodology approach based on Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, and bearing in mind a community view: we develop and cherish strengths  in our people,   considering that people management means to be aware of the psycho-social dimension. We care about communities: all of we are as human beings, it is in relation to others. Social fabric is source of growth: provides information, training and resources, and leads a fundamental function as a protective factor for health and wellbeing.

Our differential value is, certainly, bespoke working, whereas closeness with our people is the key to success. We rely upon digital tools and automation to optimize our resources, and be free to focus on this part of processes that can only be done person-to-person.




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